Creating a Sensor Package

This site contains information about the sensor package for the N.C. State Firefighting Drone Challenge. For more information on this challenge, click Learn more.

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This site contains information about designing and creating a sensor package for the Firefighting Drone Challenge for N.C. State University. This project was completed during the fall semester of 2014. This site is intended to display our final design so that it can be replicated, and does not dig into the reasons we chose to implement the sensor package. In-depth information regarding our design is available from the downloads page.


These are the fine undergraduate engineers who worked on this project:


You can access the documentation using the links in the navigation bar, or using the links below:

You can download the PDF of the full project report, which explains in detail our solution development from start to finish. There is also some additional information regarding the sensor we chose. This documentation can be downloaded from the downloads page.