Download the data, code, designs, and documentation created during the sensor package creation process.

Final Report

The final report contains documentation on the complete process of creating the sensor package from start to finish. It elaborates on the options we had and contains explanations for decisions we made. It is a comprehensive report on our work from fall 2014.

HCSR-04 Appendix

The HCSR-04 reference guide explains how the HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor works. It explains how the sensor interacts with a microcontroller and how to interpret readings to calculate distances. Finally, it discusses some sources of error and incorrect readings.

Sensor Data and Graphs

This archive contains some of the data we collected while running the sensor code. After collecting the data, we ran it through Matlab code to generate graphs. These graphs are also included in this archive.

SolidWorks Models

This archive contains the sensor shielding models we used to minimize noise received by the sensors. These models were created in SolidWorks.

Sensor Package Code

The sensor code repository contains the code to run the sensors and calculate distances. It also contains the Matlab code to generate graphs from the output. GitHub is the host site for this repository.