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NCSU CentMesh Drones Challenge - Q & A

Questions received from potential or current participants, or others with interested, will be posted here together with our response if they seem of general interest. To leave a question, please use the "Send E-Mail" link on the sidebar. We may take a day or two to get back to you; we hope you understand.

The active technical support for challenge participants has been moved to the CentMesh Drones Help list (GoogleGroup). Registering participants are automatically added there, and may post questions, responses, followups.

General questions received before registration have been archived here, and questions of a general nature from non-participants will continue to be listed here.

Question: What kind of skills are required to be able to participate in this challenge? Do we need to code an application, or work on hardware, or both?

Response: The challenge is focused exclusively on software, i.e., programming the drones to perform a given task. A software simulation of the hardware environment is available to you, and if you win through the first round of challenges, the actual hardware platform will be provided to you.

Question: What platform and language will be used?

Response: Programming can be done in anything you'd like as long as it runs on Linux and has support for TCP/IP sockets. At the end of the day, it will need to run on a variant of Linux on the BeagleBone Black. This being said, we will provide samples drone applications (and a library that may help) in Python. There would be an extra effort to port it in other languages, which would be upto you.

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