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First-round challenge window: March 31st, 2014

Final challenge: April 12th, 2014, Centennial Oval

The Centennial Wireless Mesh testbed facility has added some flying nodes, and we are inviting you to come fly with us! We fabricated these nodes starting from hexacopters using the Arducopter hardware, installing a CentMesh node realized on a BeagleBone Black computer on each.

If you are interested, come join the NCSU CentMesh Drones Challenge. There will be a series of challenges through Spring of 2014, culminating in a day-long showdown in mid-to-late Spring. Any NCSU-affiliated folk may join, individually or as a team - cash prizes for the individual/team that beats all the challenges and all other challengers! Top teams may be invited to participate in ongoing CentMesh research applications on this platform.

Like the rest of CentMesh, this challenge is made possible by funding, under various grants, by the US Army Research Office.

Learn more

First, see the information posted in "Challenge Details" section linked in the sidebar. For those interested, we will hold one or more (identical) tutorial/demo sessions on how to program the target platform, showcasing some sample apps. The first one will be scheduled in the end-Jan/start-Feb time period; optional later ones will follow one or two weeks later. They will be announced on this website, please check back. Registered participants will receive email announcements. If you are in the ECE or CSC departments, you may also receive this information through the occasional newsletters we will send.


The slides for the February 2014 tutorial on programming CentMesh drones are now on-line on the CentMesh wiki, as is a quick-start tutorial document. We are hoping to add the full video of the tutorial soon.

Spread the word

Please download the NCSU CentMesh Drones Challenge poster and post it wherever you think people might be interested. Thanks for your help!

See the Drones Challenge YouTube channel, and the Drones Challenge Google+ page for more material to share.


Overall support for the CentMesh facility, including the drones, was provided by the US Army Research Office, through grants W911NF-08-1-0105 and W911NF-09-1-0341.

The 2014 NCSU CentMesh Drones Challenge is supported by Aruba Networks, our grand sponsor. Aruba's support makes possible the cash prizes for winners, other incidental support such as snacks for tutorials and the final challenge, t-shirts, and more. We are grateful to Aruba Networks for their support of this student engagement activity.

NCSU entities that provided logistics or other support for the challenge are: Office of Information Technology, Department of Computer Science, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The event is hosted by the NCSU Institute for Technology of the Next Generation.

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