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CentMesh is a project with multiple dimensions, and many more intersections with the real world of the campus than the typical academic project. Since 2008, a very large number of people have contributed to the CentMesh effort. Many students, in particular, have contributed their time and creativity on a voluntary basis, for shorter or longer periods; not all the contribution remains in the present form of CentMesh, but we every appreciate every bit of it. Below we list some of the personnel whose efforts have been key to the CentMesh project.

Management Team

Portrait of Dr. Mihail Sichitiu Portrait of Dennis Kekas Portrait of Dr. Rudra Dutta Mihail Sichitiu, faculty of the ECE department, first conceived and started efforts toward a complete realistic mesh facility dedicated to research and teaching on the NCSU campus. Rudra Dutta, faculty of the CSC department, was also associated with the effort from the outset, from the network design and architecture side. They put together the original vision of a sharable, broad-use, versatile mobile computing facility as a university-level facility.

This vision was championed by Dennis Kekas, in his role (among his many) as the lead PI of the Secure Open Systems Initiative, and the envisaged facility became part of the proposed work of SOSI. He was instrumental in giving the current scope and breadth to CentMesh, and shepherding the project through the many administrative and organizational challenges involved in a project of this magnitude. Drs. Sichitiu and Dutta, in complementary fashion, provided depth to the venture, and guided it through the many technical challenges.

These are also the people who have obtained external funding for the project; through the SOSI grant (Dennis Kekas as lead PI, Rudra Dutta one of the co-PIs) and the Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (Rudra Dutta and Mihail Sichitiu, co-PIs), both from the US Army Research Office. Dennis, Mihail and Rudra have been, and continue to be, the key enablers of CentMesh.

Operation and Administration

The operationalization of CentMesh was carried out by the Institute for Technology of the Next Generation (ITng). The technical director of ITng John Streck, and the director of the OSCAR Labs (datacenter and development wing of ITng) John Bass, were key people in Portrait of Lee Ann Clark Portrait of John Streck Portrait of John Bass the installation and operationalization of CentMesh, and continue to be, in operation and maintenance of the facility. We were also helped by various people in the NCSU Office of Information Technology organization, notably Will Brockelsby. Lee Ann Clark currently provides accounting and administrative support.

Advisory and Oversight

Apart from the people above, some people contributed on an ongoing basis, or at some time, by offering crucial advise and other strategic help. Mladen Vouk, faculty and current chair of the CSC department, is foremost among them. The original director of ITng Wayne Clark, provided valuable early guidance to the project.

Portrait of Mladen Vouk Dennis Kekas, Mihail Sichitiu, Rudra Dutta, John Streck, John Bass, and Mladen Vouk constitute a standing management and oversight committee for the CentMesh facility. Requests to use CentMesh for new projects are made to this committee. The committee meets as needed, and makes policy decisions regarding priority of access or contention resolution as needed for such requests, as well as the general future direction for the facility.

Development Team

Portrait of Kasyap Marmavula Portrait of Vaidy Anantharaman Remarkably for a facilty of this scope, the development was done almost entirely by students, working either as research assistants, or simply volunteering effort, under the guidance of the technical directors. In Spring 2014, the development team consists of Vaidyanathan Anantharaman and Ramachandra Kasyap Marmavula, who have been the lead developers since Summer 2013. They have contributed in revamping the routing architecture of the programmable image, and are also completely in charge of the drones and sensor platform, and associated images.

Past Students

Portrait of Parth Pathak Portrait of JunBum Lim Jun Bum Lim and Parth Pathak were the first students to take up CentMesh development, and contributed most of the original modular framework, as well as booting with partition swapping, addressing, and the communicator.

Portrait of Umang Patel Portrait of Mani Pandian Portrait of Trisha Biswas Portrait of Ashu Grewal Portrait of Anand Singh Other students who subsequently contributed significantly to CentMesh development were Mani Pandian, Umang Patel, Anand Singh, Asutosh Grewal, Trisha Biswas.

Portrait of James Hall


James Hall of OSCAR Labs worked with the CentMesh development team for about a year, among other things accomplishing transitioning the entire programmable image from its original Fedora 7 (!) base to a Fedora 18 base, including a complete port of the MadWiFi driver, as well as integrating the codebase into a more contemporary ath5k driver.

Coursework Students

Portrait of Gaurish Deuskar Portrait of Ahmet Can Babaoglu Portrait of HeeWon Lee Portrait of Amlakawit Medhin Portrait of Rob Udechukwu Portrait of Devesh Guha Muni Portrait of Akshata Danivasa Several students have chosen to do project work in a wireless networking or other networking related course that contribute, directly or indirectly, to CentMesh. These include Hee Won Lee, Ahmet Can Babaoglu, Gaurish Deuskar, Akshata Danivasa, Devesh Guha Muni, Robinson Udechukwu, Amlakawit Medhin.

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