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CentMesh supports research, teaching and outreach activities, in multiple areas of networking and network-supported computing.


The modular and extensible nature of the facility allows it to support projects ranging from those that exercise the deep programmability, involving network stack modification or enhancement, to mobile computing research such as software design for mobile platforms and mobile security, to computing-enabled research in diverse disciplines like transportation, healthcare, and environmental science.

The following are some of the publications that were either enabled by SOSI funded CentMesh support, or was based on research enabled by CentMesh.


A facility such as CentMesh obviously presents a remarkable resource for the teaching of networking and wireless technology, mobile computing, and any discipline in which being able to add a mobile computing application adds to the learning experience. For example, we have been working toward using CentMesh for teaching a sophomore year C Programming course. CentMesh will be used to allow students to test traditional "scavenger hunt" or "tic-tac-toe" programming exercises, by giving students' programming platforms location-dependent feedback about their progress.

CentMesh has already been used to support teaching, in the ECE/CSC 575 and ECE/CSC 775 courses on wireless networking taught by Dr. Mihail Sichitiu. In these early stages, instructional use has been synergized with testbed development, and students were encouraged to investigate outstanding issues in CentMesh. The following are the project reports produced by the student groups who worked on CentMesh.


Our outreach activities consist not only of potentially reaching outside the university to local high schools and middle schools, but reaching and engaging people within NCSU who are not obviously connected to the discipline of computing in non-traditional ways.

Right now we are excited to be hosting the 2014 NCSU CentMesh Drones Challenge, a student programming challenge based on the CentMesh airborne nodes. Grand challenge is April 12, come and watch!

Here are some of the presentations of the project, at various venues.

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